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Related article: Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 14:14:16 -0700 (PDT) From: Jason Decade Subject: Charming the Halliwells 20All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The Wb and Aaron Spelling. This is a spin-off of his creation, of which we're all thankful for. please do not plagarise or anything. LOVE YA Chapter 20: The Lost BoysEight years later... "I can't believe you're getting married tomorrow." Wyatt said, smiling at his little brother.Chris smiled into the mirror and straightened his tux, " I know. It's crazy." he smiled."And to Bianca." Wyatt added."I know, I thought she was a demon." Chris confessed, " Glad she's not.""Yeah, cause I kinda got that vibe too." Wyatt smiled, " But I guess I was wrong."The guys chuckled and Leo rounded the corner, " What'd I miss?" he asked."Nothing." Chris said quickly, " So, are all my cousins coming to the wedding?""Yes." Leo nodded.' you remembered Billie, right?" Chris asked."Yes." Wyatt sighed."What about..." Chris paused, " Do you think he's coming?"Wyatt and Leo looked at each other, " I'm not sure. you know he's off promoting his book.""Yeah, I just thought that he'd preteen pearl bikini wanna be here on my important book." Chris said sadly."Tristan's coming and guess what." Wyatt taunted."What?" Chris asked irratably."He's bringing his fiancee." Wyatt said, causing Chris and Leo to glare at him."He's getting married?" Leo asked."Apparently." Wyatt said, " He said it's a surprise.""That's a change, didn't think that kid would find someone to..." Leo stopped as Chris and Wyatt smiled at him, " I'm happy for him.""Yep, I just hope we don't have to vanquish any demons at the wedding." Wyatt smiled.Chris sighed, " At least not in front of her family. " he said pensievely"Where's Henry?" Wyatt fuking preteen pics asked, " He's the hold up.""You know he just joined the force from being a parole officer and he's having problems with adjusting." Leo said slowly, " He'll preteen boylinks be here.""Well, I'll be gone." Chris said, looking at his watch, " I have to open the club.""I'm not on call, so..." Wyatt said quickly."I'll wait with you." Leo said, huggin both his boys, " I'm so proud of you guys. My sons, the doctor and the club owner.""Yep, P3 is doing great. I thinking of changing the name....maybe to 'Charmed' or something." Chris said."That's very literal of you." Wyatt said, " But I like it.""I knew you would." Chris said, turning to walk away, " So, do you think I should call him?""Good luck." Wyatt said hopelessly."Right." Chris said walking away."You seem a little hopeless." Leo said, putting his hand on Wyatt's shoulder."I am." Wyatt said, " Ever since he almost died, he left and turned into a total ass.""He writes....and occasionally calls." Leo said."He never visits and he has an anti-teleporting, not orbing, meaning no magical transportation spell on wherever he is. He moved to New York and left everything he was. Everything we worked for." Wyatt said angrily."He can't leave it, it's his destiny." Leo said."Tell him that, dad." Wyatt said walking preteens turk sex to the door, " He left EVERYTHING." he said leaving."I guess I'll wait for Henry." Leo said, being left alone. ********************************************************** I sat in the car, on the way to the Manor, wondering how this would go. What would I say, how would I act? How could I look them in the eye? I ran. After being dead for almost ten minutes, I ran away. Me, Caleb, and Dad went to Paris, then Rome, then I started school in New York. Eight years had come and gone by and I was twenty four now. Very well known and ready to see my friends again."So, vids nude preteens the boys don't know?" Melinda asked, " I didn't come preteens turk sex all this way for nothing."Piper chortled, " What do you mean?" she asked, her tone changing to fear."Well, he went away without visiting again and you think that sits well with Wyatt and Chris?" Melinda asked, " Or me for that matter.""So, you're mad?" Phoebe asked."Aren't you guys?" clean preteen pics Melinda asked, confused."No. Not really. I understand, his life's been tough." Phoebe said, " But I do miss him.""We're young." Paige chuckled, " But we're old enough to know that you should appreciate when someone you love goes away and comes back.""Amen." Piper said, setting out a tray, then walking to the stairs, " Are Wyatt and Chris upstairs?""Yeah, they got in a while ago." Phoebe said, bringing out more food, " Piper how many finger sandwhiches did you make?""A lot." Piper answered, looking up the stairs, " Wyatt, Chris! Get down here!"The doorbell rang."That's him!" Phoebe said excitedly."Gosh Pheebs, that could be anyone." Paige said, rolling her eyes.Phoebe looked at Paige, " I'm psychic, so shush!" she smiled, looking back at the door.Leo came in from the kitchen, carrying a pitcher of juice, " He's here?" he asked."What?" Chris asked, coming down the stairs with Wyatt, " We have to vanquish those Finren demons before they mess up my wedding." "Open the door, Wyatt." Piper said casually.Wyatt looked from them and went to the door, opening it to find my face staring back at him, " Drake?" he said, hugging me, "...and, Tristan?" he said with confusion.I looked to Tristan, then back at Wyatt, preteen nude griles " Surprise!" I said quickly."Hey, WYATT!" Tristan said, hugging him." came together? Where's your fiancee?" Wyatt asked, looking around."You're looking at him." I said nervously.Wyat looked young preteens videos at me, then Tristan, then back to me, " You're marrying...him?" he asked."Drake!" Melinda shouted, running to me, then punching me in the arm, " Don't you ever stay away that long!""I won't." I said, hugging her, " Chris..." I said, walking to him, " Hi.""That's all russian preteen vids you have to say?" Chris asked angrily, then he turned to the sisters and Leo, " You knew he was coming.""Yes." Leo said slowly."You don't want me here?" I asked."No." Chris said coldly.I frowned, " preteen preteen org Chris, you can't be serious." I said angrily.Tristan grabbed me, " Baby, just relax." he said, trying to soothe me.I looked at him, " Right," I looked back at Chris, " I'm sorry for..." "Leaving us high and dry? Running away from...what we do?!" Chris said.Tristan looked from us to the sisters, " Hi." he said and they nodded, " You guys were involved?""NO!" we both said at the same time."I thought that you'd be over it." I said, rolling my eyes."What?! The fact that my best friend left me?" Chris asked."I told you that I was leaving." I said quickly."I thought that I could get you to stay. I never thought you'd actually...How dare you come in here..." Chris said as angry as he had ever been."Chris." Melinda said."He's right." Wyatt said from the door.The sisters made their way between us."Maybe I made a mistake." I said, turning to the door."Ya think." Wyatt said, rolling his eyes."I meant coming back." I said, walking to the door."No." Wyatt said, grabbing my shoulder, " I'm sorry, it's just caught me by surprise. It's great to darks bbs preteen see you again, really," he looked up at Chris, " You just caught US by surprise...with everything.""So that preteenz modelz justifys what he said to me?" I asked."I'm sorry. I just...I'm stressed." Chris sighed in relief.Tristan cleared his throat, " We didn't mean to make you guys tense. We were invited and..." he trailed off."We'd love for you to be there, Bianca would love to see you again, Drake." Chris said indifferently."Bianca would?" I asked."Yes, she sould." Chris said, walking up the stairs.There was a silence."This is fun." Tristan said, causing us to look at him. ***********************************************************"So, how was Paris?" Phoebe asked."Great. I mean, haven't been in around two years, but..." I started."So," Piper interrupted, " How long have you two been dating?" she asked.Tristan cleared his throat and chuckled, " This must be a surprise." he smiled."Especially because you tormented him through his teen years, but I'm just sayin." Piper said bluntly, " You were my son's best friend, but you were mean to Drake, what would cause you two, of all people, to hook up?""The sex is awesome." Tristan joked, but I looked at him seriously, " Um, bad joke, I did haze him. I've always liked him.""At first I was very non-responsive." I said."Yeah," Tristan chuckled, " Took me four years to get to friend level, two years to become close friend, and another two years to become more. We just got engaged.""so, are you happy?" Phoebe asked."Very." I said,, " The Bay Mirror offered me a new advice column, one for a younger demographic, but I'm not sure if I'm taking it. And Tristan is working for a law firm in the city." I smiled."We've gotta go, as hairless preteen pics a matter of fact, we're looking russian preteen vids at Condos." Tristan said."Aww, kid!" Paige said, hugging me. Then Phoebe, incest preteens clips then Melinda, then with resistance, Piper."I'm going to get the car." Tristan smiled, kissing me, " Love you.""Love you too." I smiled. I turned to see Piper giving me the evil eye, " What?""Nobody's that happy." she said, " At first, I was all happy for you, and I am, if this isn't some sick ploy to hurt my son.""Piper, you've known me forever...would I do that." I asked."I was hoping it was." Piper said, looking away."It's not." I replied."And now my grandchildren could be someone pantyhose pics preteens else's" she said."Piper." I said."I know you, I helped raise you and I know that you're meant for Wyatt." she said."Apparently, I'm not." I said angrily, " I love Tristan and he loves me and I don't have to fight to be with him. There's no struggle, there's no hurt, there's no nudism and preteens pain, there's just him."Piper stared at me, " Do you still love Wyatt?" Piper asked."I'll always love Wyatt. It's just a different type now." I said, noticing Wyatt on the stairs, " I'm sorry if you both thought I was gona pine and cry, but I have moved on. Piper...I moved on, it's time you all did too.""But..." Piper began."He's right, mom." Wyatt said."I thought that you were like an Aunt to me, like a mother even, nude preteen models but if that was all because you thought I was gonna be your son-in-law, then I guess you were never really who I thought. I love you, Piper, and I love this family, but if you can't accept me, then I'll leave...and I won't come back.""I'm sorry." she said, hugging me, " I do, I just want you to be happy. And I want Wyatt to be happy. And I want you both to be happy.""I am." I said, turning to leave.Piper watched me leave out of the door and turned to Wyatt, " Are you?" she asked."I don't know." he said, walking past her, to the kitchen. Piper put her head down and walked to the kitchen, too. ********************************************* "You okay?" Tristan asked as he slid into bed.I nodded and turned to face him, " Yeah. Yeah. Why, do I seem a little crazy?" I asked."No." he chuckled, " You seem a little sad. Is this about the Halliwells?""A little." I said softly."They don't like the idea of us do they?" he asked. I shook my head, " little preteens naturalists I was really mean and I knew there'd be surprise, but...""It's not that they don't like you, they just know how you used to be." I said quietly."How I used to be?" he asked.I looked at him."Alright, I was an ass." he smiled."Duh. And I'm not sure they are ready to see me with anyone else." I said without thinking.Tristan sat up in the bed, " Wait, you had a boyfriend before me?" he asked, " It was that Talik guy, wasn't it?""He was the first boyfriend, yeah." I said, mentally slapping myself."First?" he asked."Don't ask." I said, pulling the covers back and walking to the bathroom.Tristan did the same and watched me floss, " I'm asking. Who was the second? And was there a third?" he asked."Well, the second one was really short." I explained, " And it was Wyatt."Tristan's eyes bulged, " WYATT!?!" he asked."Yeah." I said nervously.Tristan frowned, " Wyatt? That's why everybody had their frowns turned to full power, isn't it?" he said quickly, " How was he?"I turned and smiled at him, " Are you jealous?" I asked."I'm not jealous...I just, it's a surprise that my preteen boy toon best friend has had my guy." he said."Had me?" I asked, walking back to the bedroom.Tristan followed, " You know what I mean. I mean, is this why and Wyatt stopped hanging out...were you the chick he was so hung up on?" he asked."I'm not a chick, believe me." I said, sitting on the bed, " And since when have you felt competitive?""Competitive? Am I in competition with Wyatt?" he asked.I looked at him, " No." I said quickly, " And I seriously don't want you thinking like that."Tristan nodded and sat next to me, " Is there anything else." he asked.I leaned over and kissed him. I felt his hand run around my the bottom of my shirt and stopped when it was halfway up. I looked at him, he had just his pajama bottoms, no underwear, no shirt and his abs were a gift from, oh I don't know, probably the elders. He reached into the dresser and grabbed some KY and a condom. I peeled back the bottoms and he tore the condom with his teeth and slid it on his 7' dick. I helped guide it while we kissed, our tongues fought intensely, trying to overpower one another. We layed back, him on top of me, and he stripped me off my shorts and underwear, as well as throwing young preteens videos my shirt to the floor. We teenie world preteen embraced and he began to nude preteen banners inch is dick inside me. I moaned as it popped into my anus, then he grabbed me and inched me onto a pillow. He began to rock slowly, causing me to wince a little."Oh yeah...You're so tight.." Tristan moaned, beginning to shove his cock in me harder.I gasped and began to rock my hips back into him. He began hitting my prostate faster and faster as his rhythm preteen nude griles picked up. I looked up at him, looking into his eyes. His face was filled with determination. He was determined to drive his dick as far as he could into me and I loved it. in the midst of all his pounding, he leaned down and kissed me passionately. After about ten minutes of us making out and him pounding his dick into me, I felt a familiar feeling an my dick twitched."HOLY CRAP!" I gasped, " I'M COMING!" And suddenly my dick erupted and cum shot all over his stomach, and as if that was the trigger, his face contorted and he began shoving his dick into me harder and suddenly I felt his dick convulse inside me and a warm feeling spread through my body. *vision* Tristan and I were at the Manor and a demon shimmered in, sending energy balls at me and Tristan threw himself in front of one for me!*vision*"Pahras." Tristan said, staring over at me."Hmmm? " I asked. I felt sticky, tired, but oddly energetic."I said I didn't mean to cum in you...the condom broke." Tristan smiled."Oh, it's okay. We've done it before, I just didn't want to take a shower." I said quickly, still thinking about the premonition."Baby, are you sure nothing's wrong?" he asked.I looked at him, " Nothing at all." I said, smiling weakly. **********************************************************"Ok, stop freaking out. We'll do something. Yeah. Yes Chris still wants you to come to the rehearsal. I know because I'm an empath. You haven't told him?" Wyat asked into the receiver, " We can handle this. We shouldn't tell Christ anyways, he doesn't need anymore stress. Alright, how are you gonna get him back here?" Wyatt preteens turk sex asked as he walked to the mini-cauldron. ***********************************************************After the rehearsal, Everyone went back to the Manor. Wyatt and I made a bee-line for the attic, but they were cut off by Tristan."Where are you two going?" Tristan asked suspiciously.Wyatt and I looked at each other, " Um, I needed to talk to Drake about..." he looked at me, " Um, some patients." Tristan's eyebrow raised, " Patients? A doctor is going to ask a non-doctor about his patients?" he said disbelievingly, " I'm sure you can see why I think you're full of shi...""Tristan!" I started."We had an argreement, we never go after a person if the other is dating them, even if they are exes." Tristan said.Wyatt looked at me in shock, " You told him? I should have told him, or at least been there." he said."Look, the point is I know and I think you should keep your hands to yourself." Tristan said angrily."Tristan, believe me, it is so not how it looks. I swear, we were just going to catch up." I said."Well, I should blue links preteen go too, haven't seen my old friend in a while either." Tristan smiled, putting his arm around my shoulder.Wyatt looked at me nervously and we all headed to the attic. **************************************************** Chris separated himself from the party and headed into the kitchen, hoping to find a place just for himself. When he finally got to the kitchen, he was shocked to see his Aunt Phoebe."Chris, what are you doing in here?" Phoebe asked.Chris sighed and sat on a stool opposite Phoebe, who was hunched over the counter, " In-Laws." he said."Oh I got lucky there." Phoebe smiled, " They seem really nice.""Yes, that's why we're in here." Chris smiled, " Her brother is the worst.""No, I think you're in here for another reason." Phoebe smirked.Chris frowned, " Whaddya know?" he asked."I know that your fuking preteen pics aversion to Drake is more than you're letting on." Phoebe said, " Maybe it's more like attraction.""No, I'm marrying Bianca. I love Bianca." he said quickly."But you're wondering are you making a mistake." Phoebe asked."Yes." Chris admitted."You don't want to marry her?" Phoebe asked."I did," Chris sighed, " until...""Drake came back." Phoebe finished, " Have you ever told him how you feel?""No." Chris said frantically, " And this is between us.""You should tell your mother, she could obsess for you." Phoebe smiled.Chris chuckled and looked back at Phoebe, " No, I think she's a Wyatt-shipper. Plus, having both of your sons be..." he started.Phoebe frowned, " They wouldn't mind...that much. They love you and Wyatt." she said seriously, " We all do.""Whaht if your daughters were lesbians?" Chris asked."All of them?" Phoebe asked in shock, " Well, it's their lives. As long as they give me grandkids, I'm perfectly fine with that. Of course, one of three people is gay, and I have three""Lie." Chris said."No, Christopher Perry Halliwell, I think thumnails preteen you should do what's in your heart." Phoebe said, kissing him on the forehad.Chris sighed, " That's what I was afraid of." ***************************************************Once we got to the attic, I froze Tristan and Wyatt and I moved to the book."So, he's really worked up over me and you, what'd you tell him?" Wyat asked."The truth." I said, searching for the demon."Which would be?" Wyatt asked.I looked up to him, " That you dumped me to go to college and I was sad. Then I got over it." I smiled."That's all?" he asked."That and you tried to get pics preteens porn me back before I left." I said, " The truth.""Oh, alright." he smiled, " Is this him?"I looked back the book and the demon was a big one. He was middle level and not hard to kill. He didn't require the power of three, but it was advised for more than one witch. the potion consisted of preteen boy toon a lot of things and one of the things was murdock root. I noticed he wasn't using enough murdock root."How do you know." he asked.I added the murdock root, " Despite what you and the family thinks, being a witch is one of the brightest spots in my life. I studied the book while I lived here and I love...d being Charmed." I said honestly.Wyatt smiled and nodded, " The russian preteen topless potion is almost done." he said."Good." I said, " Thanks.""For what?" I smiled."Not vids nude preteens fighting with him." I said, pointing at the frozen Tristan, " He's changed so much, but he's still Tristan underneath it all.""And you like him." Wyatt said, looking down at the potion."I love him." I said genuinely. Wyatt looked from the potion to me, then back."I'm glad." wyatt said."Are you, or have you been seeing anyone?" I asked."Of course." Wyatt said, " I tried to move on. Still struggling with that, but nothing serious.""Oh." I smirked."What are you guys doing?" Chris asked, walking in with Phoebe."What?" I asked.Phoebe broke from Chris and walked to Tristan, " froze your finacee? What's going on?" she asked."Demon." I said simply.Chris scoffed, " Why didn't you tell me?' he asked."You're stressed enough." Wyatt said."And dealing with my boyf...fiancee seemed to be seriously stressing you." I smiled weakly, " I caused enough trouble."Chris sighed, " Don't say things like that." he said."It's true," I said, " It get it, I'm supposed to be your best friend and every chance I get, I run away. I'm done running. That's why I came back.""I thought you had a job interview at the Mirror." Phoebe asked.I chuckled, " No and yes. Less money. The upside is that the singing career could happen." I smiled."Whatever problems we have, you're not the only one responsible for them." Chris said."Aww, Piper! Piper!" Phoebe shouted, " Paige!""What are you doing?" Wyatt asked."The power of three! You're making up and it''s just so...YAY!" Phoebe said giddily."Who hopped her up on the sugar?" I asked.Piper and Paige came bounding up the stairs, " What?! What is it? Oh photo of preteens my..." Piper said staring at us."Is it safe for them all to be in the same room?" Paige smirked."Yes, they're making up." Phoebe smiled."I missed it! Damn." Piper said, " You and your damn in-laws.""No, you and your damn cake." Paige chuckled."I was talking to Chris." Piper said."I know." Paige smirked.Piper noticed Tristan, " Why is he frozen?" she asked."He doesn't know preteen legal nide everything." I said."Why are you guys by the book?" Paige asked."There's a demon." Wyatt said, " But we have a potion and a plan.""We have a plan?" I asked."Vanquish the demon with the potion." Wyatt said.I nodded, " Good plan." I said.There was a silence and we all kind of smiled at each other and suddenly there was a blue light over us. I knew what that meant. We were Charmed again! Before we wet pre teen could fully celebrate, or you know, run away, Tristan's voice called out."What was darks bbs preteen that?" he asked.We all turned and looked at him.I walked over and tried to explain, " well, sweetie, that was...we're witches." I said.Tristan chuckled, then his chuckled turned into laughter, then he stopped, " What?" he asked."Witches." Wyatt smiled, " Magical beings. Humans with magical powers. Harry Potter without the wands...and the backward spells.""I got that part." he said, turning to me, " You're a witch? Wait, why didn't you tell me?""I was going to, but I was afraid you might look at that." I said, noticing his stunned look."You are a witch?" Tristan repeated, " That's...I take it your not like Samantha."I shook my head."Who's that?" Tristan asked, pointing behind us to the demon.I quickly pushed him aside and dodged an energy ball! Wyatt orbed the sisters out of the room and levitated out of the path of an energy ball, while I blasted him. Chris shoved him telekinetically against the wall and Wyatt threw the potion, but the demon put his hand up and sent amzing models preteens out three energy balls! One collided with the potion and I froze the reaction in mid-air! The other collided with the wall and one came straight at me! Before I could think, Tristan dove in front of me and perfect preteen model the energy ball sent him flying!"Tristan!" I screamed.Wyatt, Chris and I stood next to each other and I remembered that I had froze the reaction in the air and I told Chris to move the reaction in air while Wyatt healed Tristan. He did as I asked and I unfroze the reaction and it exploded into him, causing him to burst into flames and nothing was left but dust!I walked back to tristan and hugged him, " I love you so much." I said, almost in tears."I love you too, but..." Tristan said weakly, " I'm not so sure about this." I looked from him to the sisters, trying to make sense of what he just said. ***************************************************We assembled in the dining room of the Manor, waiting for Piper and the sisters. When they finally came in, we were happy because we had to get dressed for the wedding."What's up mom?" Wyatt asked.Piper looked to Leo and her sisters, then back at us, " We want preteen models nyphs to give you the Manor." she said.Wyatt, Chris and I exchanged confused looks."What do you mean?" Chris asked."Well, since Melinda is gone to college..." Piper started."...And we're all married..." Phoebe added.".....And not Charmed anymore...." Paige smiled."...We feel you should live here." Piper smiled.Wyatt and preteens cp nude I got up and huged them, but Chris looked calm."Thanks." Chris said pantyhose pics preteens indifferently, walking up the stairs."What's his deal?" I asked."Well, we're single, he's not." Wyatt said happily."I wouldn't be too sure about that." Phoebe said carefully.We all looked at her with the same knowing look, then up at the stairs. The sisters left to finish planning preteens free foto the wedding. Wyatt stared at me."Are you okay?" he asked."I just got a home. I'm great." I smiled."That doesn't fool me." Wyatt smiled sadly, " I'm here if you need me.""I know." I smiled."I'm always here. I'm here if you need to talk. If you need to just sit and stare or even if you need support." Wyatt smiled, walking to the kitchen."Wyatt." I yelled, causing him to stop, " I love you." I said, grabbing my coat and walking out of my house to go to my job interview. ************************************************** I stood at the entrance of the church, waiting for everyone to be seated. I was now one of many groomsmen. I was trying my best to look happy, but I don't think I was succeeding."Sweetie, are you okay?" Piper asked.I nodded, " Yeah. I mean Chris is getting married today! Everything's great." I lied."It's alright to be sad." Piper smiled weakly.I vids nude preteens looked up at her, " Thanks, but I''s okay, he'll come back." I said softly."Do you know how Tristan knows the family?" Piper asked."No. I kinda assumed they met at school." I said quickly.Piper shook her head, " His dad was an innocent. He mom was a demon. I don't know if he knows, but his mother was a manticore." she said. I just stared at her."And, you're not the only one who's lost someone they loved when the loved one found out about them being a witch." Piper said, hugging me, " Have you seen Chris?" she asked."No...have you?" I asked. ************************************************ Bianca was just about ready to walk down the isle. She was about to leave this box of a room, to make herself Mrs. Christopher Perry Halliwell and be in love for the rest of her life. She stopped when she heard a jinggling noise and turned to see a note. As she read the note, she began to cry. Paige ran into the room."What's going on?" Paige asked, reading the letter."The wedding's off." Bianca sobbed."Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry." Paige said, hugging her. **********************************************************
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